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Crystal Transfers

Taking advantage of the benefits of tinted windows is manifold. There's a host of reasons for choosing the right image and style to suit your prestige car.

Tinted windows can reduce up to 65% heat, making long, difficult journeys more comfortable, especially with children and family pets on board.

There is also a significant reduction of glare from the sun, which makes driving less tiring and more enjoyable. In fact installing tinted windows protects you from ultra violet light, blocking 99% of the sun's harmful rays, which also helps to prevent interior fading.

If privacy is an issue then tinted windows are perfect for preventing unwanted attention, especially if you are in the public eye, perhaps a celebrity or top flight footballer.

And off course, there's an aesthetic appeal. With a full range of shading to suit your taste, tinted windows can look fantastic on any vehicle.

Crystal Tints can offer expert advice regarding the technical aspects of their products - the full range of shades and options available, as well as the legal requirements.

And not forgetting that once the product is fitted it will last a lifetime - and that means no more expense!

Contact Crystal Tints for more information: info@crystaltints.co.uk or call 07834 546978