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Crystal Transfers
residential tinted windows   office tinted windows
Crystal Tints specialise in solar control and sun protection films for the home and office, We use a vast range of commercial films from clear, tinted to opaque- typically designed to block upto 99% of the suns harmfull rays, whilst reducing heat and glare by up to 75%.

Our expert fitters can install films in and around the home or office with as little disruption as possible, our commitment to quality and service, to you- the customer is second to none.

A Crystal Tints installation offers great benefits:

  • Reduce heat within the building
  • Stop the glare from the sun
  • Reduce energy / heating costs
  • Prevent fading of carpets, curtains, furniture
  • Improve the appearence and design of your building
  • Increase Privacy
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Protect you and your family
Unlike blinds, Crystal Tints specialist films require very little care once installed, no specialist cleaning or maintenance is required, infact just a dust down twice a year is enough to keep the solar film clean and effective. All of the Crystal Tints approved commercial films carry a full 10 year warranty, although the life expectancy of the install should easily exceed 15 years.