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Crystal Transfers
2005 AUDI A4
Crystal Tints were commissioned to apply tints to the vehicle's rear window. This was a particularly challenging mission, as to mirror a factory fit - and ensure complete smoothness of application. Access to the rear window required stripping of rear seats, panels and parcel shelf. Despite the additional labour involved in this process the original price quoted remained the same, much to the customer's delight. This task would not have been possible without the in-depth technical knowledge and experience of the fitting team.
A recent project for the Crystal Tints team required installation for a prestigoius Rolls Royce Phantom, owned by a local property developer. Again, expert technical knowledge was required before this job could have been attempted, a task beyond the capability of many of our rivals. Having stripped and re-built some of the panels to access the windows, the customer was amazed by the detailed finish and the overall workmanship.
Crystal Tints applied security film to the client's vehicle.This turned out to be an effective, and possibly, life saving decision for the customer. For, as he was driving at high speed along the motorway, a heavy object was thrown from a bridge. It hit the car, shattering the near side front window. As a result of Crystal Tints applying a security film to the glass, the window stayed in one piece and prevented the object from entering the cabin. The customer was shaken by this event but thanks to Crystal Tints there was no injury, or worse, a fatality
Crystal Tints installed a dark smoke film to this vehicle as the customer was aware of the uncomfortable journeys for the children in the rear. The glare and the heat build up in the car become unbearable, especially for the youngest child at 8 months old. There was a significant improvement to the quality of the journey for the children once the team had completed the installation. Again, the client was delighted with the end result and thankful for the rapid execution of the work.